Halloween Time for HAPNA

What makes for great trick-or-treating on Halloween night?

  • Lots of older homes located close together with sidewalks in front. CHECK!
  • Huge trees where the moon appears to hang from a high branch as All Hallows Eve transforms a sunny afternoon into fright night! DOUBLE CHECK!
  • Grownups who adore decorating and handing out candy. They have been waiting for this night all year! TRIPLE CHECK!

For generations, the historic Atkins-Porter Neighborhood has been the “place to be” on that eerie night when the worlds of the living and dead become one, and those who venture out are never quite sure why there is a sudden, breath-taking chill in the air.

Yes, this is a terrific neighborhood to wander from door to door for goodies and enjoy the fun, creepy, and sometimes, downright scary decorations and costumes. During COVID, many homeowners created methods, such as PVC pipe chutes, to deliver candy from the top of the stairs to children waiting with open bags. This idea also kept the wee goblins from climbing up and down dangerously steep steps. Look for this candy delivery method to appear again this year.

Some of the best Halloween ideas are tried and true. This year, try to:

  • Pay attention to the weather and dress accordingly.
  • Use the potty before leaving home.
  • Trick-or-treat earlier in the evening to avoid the crowds.
  • Bring a flashlight and your charged, cell phone.
  • Make your rounds on foot; park in the A-P Rec Center lot on Walnut or alongside the dog park on Highland.
  • Dress little ones in bright-colored costumes and keep them on the sidewalk.
  • Be patient and don’t forget to say, “Thank you.”
  • If your child is frightened, skip the scary houses for the jollier ones.
  • Head home before youngsters are worn out.

One of HAPNA’s favorite partners, W.G. Rhea Library had planned to host a Teen Halloween Event at the AP Rec Center from 5-8 pm, but that will be moving to the library at 400 W. Washington Street. We’ll be looking for them to be back in the neighborhood next Halloween! In the meantime, enjoy temporary, henna tattoos; glow sticks; scary movies; popcorn, and more at the teen event in Downtown Paris!