Membership & Support

How to Register your Kroger Card for HAPNA Rewards

The document below includes the instructions for registering your Kroger Card so HAPNA can get community rewards from Kroger each quarter. It’s simple to register and each time you use your card, a small amount will be rebated back to HAPNA at no cost to you. It’s just that easy! Please contact or call 615-478-9398 if you have any questions.

Steps to becoming a member of HAPNA:

1. You are eligible for membership:  

  • As a “Member” if you live or own property within the neighborhood boundaries. 
  • As an “Honorary Member” if you live or own property outside the neighborhood boundaries. 

2. Complete a Membership Registration Form and return it per the instructions on the bottom of the form. 
There will be no membership dues. Costs related to association activities will rely on the generosity of contributions from the members and other interested parties or organizations.  We want everyone living within the neighborhood boundaries to be an active member and have positive impact on the future of this great Atkins Porter neighborhood. 
Please return a completed membership form and become a registered member of the Historic Atkins Porter Neighborhood Association. Instructions are included on the form.  Forms are available here, at the monthly meetings, and by request.  Requests can be e-mailed to or by private message to Annette Douglas.