HELEN of HAPNA – Scarecrow Extraordinaire

When Sandy and Dave Winters moved to Paris in the spring of 2020, the restaurants, shops and entertainment venues immediately shuttered their doors. Of course, that had nothing to do with the Winters, and everything to do with COVID. Fast forward a year and a half, and the Winters are happily settled into their Jackson Street home in the Atkins-Porter neighborhood. Recently, the couple volunteered for a project on behalf of the Historic Atkins-Porter Neighborhood Association.

Their next-door neighbor, Julie Leach knew that the Winters had sewing and engineering skills – the perfect combination to create a HAPNA entry for Scarecrows on the Square. This month-long event features whimsical, homemade buddies who pop up on the courthouse lawn in Downtown Paris each October, much to the delight of passersby.

Check out the video below to discover how Helen was created and how the lovely HAPNA Botanical Garden on Jackson Street inspired the Winters to use the garden as their theme.